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M Associates is one of the largest suppliers of fabrics for flags and banners. Our material is produced with strict standards to ensure the best quality for our customers. The most popular fabric is the 100% Nylon flag bunting INVISTA type 66 bright nylon SolarMax®.

400 Denier Bright Nylon type 6-6. Stronger fabric providing 25% more toughness than polyester with greater tear and abrasion resistance.
60" 400 denier available in the greige for header or in white prepared for print. 400D can be available in colors in dye lots of 1600 yds.


- 200 Denier Bright Nylon type 6-6, INVISTA SolarMax®.The most widely used flag fabric in the U.S., highly resistant to UV fading, allowing the use of deeper, brighter colors that will last over time.

- 60" 200 denier available in 52 colors, as shown, available for immediate delivery.

- 66" 200 denier available in any color in dye lots of 2500 to 3000 yards.

- 72" 200 denier available in white and old glory blue or any color in dye lots of 2000 yards.
200 Denier Bright Nylon type 6-6, INVISTA SolarMax® coated with a 2 oz. pigmented coating .Material is opaque.
200 Denier Bright Nylon type 6-6, INVISTA SolarMax® to meet F. R. specification NFPA 701- small-scale certification (certificate available on request).
All widths available with flame retardant (NFPA-701approval)and DWR ZEPEL water repellent finish
200 Denier Bright Nylon type 6-6, INVISTA SolarMax® with a 1/4 oz. urethane clear or white coat,for use with applique work.
All widths available with polyurethane, acrylic, or adhesive coating.
Our 100% Polyester 2 ply spun poly for flags and industrial use.
SolarMax® is a registered trademark of INVISTA for UV resistant fibers and fabrics.